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Termite Fumigation

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ISOTECH’s commodity termite fumigation division is not only state certified and licensed, but also has on-staff AIB certified inspection consultants to help design the most effective and low impact resolution to any of your termite problems.

Full Structure Tent Fumigation For Termites

Drywood termite control is generally not a DIY (Do it Yourself) project for property owners. Baiting, which is effective for some termites, is not an option for drywood termites because they never leave the fortification of their galleries, thus making full-structure fumigations the most effective method for drywood termites. Vikane fumigations are the nation’s leading solution to drywood termite infestations because it penetrates all wood timbers located throughout sub areas, walls, attics, eaves, etc. The fumigation procedure requires the use of canvas tarps to cover and seal the structure, allowing Vikane to penetrate the wood timbers, displace oxygen, and eliminate termites.

Termite Fumigation Preparation

ISOTECH’s trained staff will help educate property owners and tenants to properly prepare the structure for fumigation. Some of the steps to preparing a building for fumigation include:

  • Prior to fumigation, the structure will be inspected and secured with secondary locks on all entryways. Additionally, warning signs will be posted once Vikane is introduced into the structure.
  • After the proper exposure time according to label requirements for Vikane, the fumigation crew will remove the tarps from the structure. During the removal of the tarps, the licensed fumigator will open all windows and doors and use fans to continue aeration of the structure. Upon removal of all fumigation equipment, the property is again secured with secondary locks and warning signs remain posted.
  • Once the required aeration time has elapsed, the licensed fumigator will take air samples from the interior living spaces of the structure with equipment specifically designed to detect the presence of Vikane fumigant.
  • Once the structure is determined to be safe, the licensed fumigator will remove fumigation notices and place a re-entry notice on the front door. This notice will indicate the date and time that it was certified safe to re-enter.

Safe and Professional Termite Fumigation

After the fumigation process is complete, ISOTECH’s professionals will work with you to determine what the best course of action is to prevent future infestations. We are dedicated to working with you to keep termites away from your property for good year-round with our comprehensive protection services. Give our team a call today to learn more!

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Termite Fumigation in Los Angeles

Serving the Los Angeles Metro Area

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