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Baiting/Monitoring Programs



Baiting/Monitoring Programs

Termite baiting programs are designed to kill termites in a different way other than liquid or Vikane treatments. Liquid treatments leave a residual barrier that can kill termites once they come into contact or the liquid chemical can create a barrier termites cannot pass.  Baiting systems are installed with the main goal of killing the complete colony.  Baiting is a relatively new method of treatment that has been found to treat subterranean termites effectively.

However, before any liquid or baiting treatments are used, proper identification of subterranean termite activity should be present.  TERMISCOPE is ISOTECH’s patented early warning visual subterranean termite monitoring system designed to find termites before they find your structure.

TERMISCOPE – Units are installed every 15’ around the structure.  Once foraging subterranean termites find the Termiscope units they will begin to feed upon the interior cellules member.  Once the cellulose member has been weakened, a florescent green visual alert will eject from the unit warning the homeowner that subterranean termites are present.  Once the presence of subterranean termites has been visually confirmed, the use of bait or a liquid residual may be applied to the infested area eliminating the infestation.

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