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Insect/Rodent Treatment Programs



Insect / Rodent Treatment Programs

Once your ISOTECH’s pest professional service technician arrives, they will begin with a comprehensive on-site inspection of your facility, both inside and out. Based on their findings in any or all of the key pest activity zones, they will customize an insect/rodent control treatment strategy to eliminate any existing pest infestations and their sources. Because of the insects’ instinctive negative reaction to and aversion from chemical pesticides, only small amounts of such pesticides (if any) will be used. Emphasis will be upon glue boards and/or baits containing small amounts of chemicals. Throughout the service program, our pest professional technician will submit weekly/monthly service reports and review them with you or your designated representative.

Since rodents are among the most destructive of all pests to invade your home, business or workplace, ISOTECH’s Rodent Control Program is a systematic program that addresses every level of rodent activity, from the perimeter and entry points to the nesting sites, the feeding areas, and beyond. To eliminate rats and mice successfully, ISOTECH will:

  1. Conduct a thorough inspection and outline all areas needing attention
  2. Advise you of existing housekeeping and maintenance conditions
  3. Determine the tools necessary to eliminate present and future problems safely and effectively

Whatever type of insect, flies, mites, bed bugs, crickets, earwigs, stored pests, birds, or any pest problems you are experiencing, ISOTECH’s certified and state licensed service specialists are equipped and ready to eliminate.

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