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Animal Relocation

Animal-ControlWildlife is fun to watch but unfortunately can quickly become a financial or health risk if they move too close to your facility or even indoors. Raccoons, opossums, skunks and squirrels have a history of damaging insulation, vents, and wiring. Because trapping wild animals involves some risk, (raccoons will try to reach through the trap to pull at your hands) it is recommended that you do not try to trap or release animals but, allows ISOTECH’s professionals to safely TRAP and RELEASE wildlife.

At ISOTECH, we find the problem, and solve the problem. We are truly a full service company. For your protection, our employees are fully trained and licensed in animal capture, repair techniques, knowledgeable of OSHA safety standards, and licensed by the Department of Fish and Game for trapping.

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Bee Control

Bee-Control“Regular” honeybees were brought to the United States from parts of Europe. These European bees are adapted to a temperate climate with cold winters. Africanized bees are adapted to tropical climate and will only live in warm areas of the United States. The sting from one Africanized bee is no different than one from a normal honeybee. The biggest difference between the two bee types is behavior. Africanized bee nests are easily provoked into stinging attacks involving a large numbers of bees.

Africanized bees are physically similar to regular honeybees. It takes an expert 4 to 6 hours using a microscope and computer to identify whether a bee is Africanized or not. You cannot distinguish between the two types of bees by simply looking at them. Honeybees are usually seen in four situations; foraging on flowers, collecting water, traveling in swarms, and nesting in established hives or colonies.

Honeybees visiting flowers are not dangerous. If you disturb a forging bee, it will usually move on to a different flower. A foraging bee will sting only in self-defense, such as when it is stepped on, pinched, or entangled in hair.

A swarm of honeybees occurs when an existing colony becomes overcrowded and half of the bees leave the queen. A typical swarm contains between 5 and 10 thousand bees. A swarm is usually seen hanging in a cluster on a tree branch. Both Africanized and European swarms look for cavities to move into and build a new nest.

Swarms of honeybees are rarely dangerous because they have no nest to defend. If disturbed, a swarm will usually relocate to a different area. Once a swarm has moved into a cavity, the bees rapidly build their nest. A nest is made up of the adult bees and beeswax combs, which contain stored food and developing young.


Trapping Strategy

In the late 1980’s several USDA scientists invented a trap to catch swarms of honeybees. The basic concept of these traps was to provide the bees with a man-made cavity containing attractive bait. Any swarm coming within range of the bait could choose the trap as a new nest site.

ISOTECH’s preventative “Bee Program” utilizes the same swarm traps that were developed by the USDA. However, the focus of the swarm trap has been changed from a monitoring tool into a control device. This system is designed to provide sufficient swarm traps placed in strategic locations to ensure that any swarm that approaches a protected area will be caught. A licensed technician will service the traps and promptly remove any captured swarms so that people are not disturbed or frightened.



If the traps attract bee swarms, would this not create a problem? No, the traps only catch swarms that are looking for a new home in that area. The traps do not draw swarms from long distances away.

If the trap catches Africanized bees, aren’t they dangerous? No, the process of establishing a new nest takes several weeks and occupied traps are removed by an ISOTECH technician, before they become dangerous.

Do I need this type of honeybee protection? Yes, if you are concerned about the possibility of Honey Bees and/or Africanized bees invading your property. Any property frequented by many people need to ensure that their public users are safe from stinging attacks. Certainly any area that has been regularly invaded by swarms in the past now needs trap protection to control swarm movement.

What time of year is the trap protection needed? European bees primarily swarm in the spring, but because of their tropical nature Africanized bees swarm and move their nests year-round. So once this system is installed throughout the property it should be left in place throughout the year.

ISOTECH is committed to providing you with the most effective Bee Program the industry has to offer. Call 1.888.9.ISOTECH and start experiencing how pest management was really designed to protect!

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Bird Control

Bird-ControlBirds are beautiful to watch flying through the sky but unfortunately, where they decide to land may end up ruining your property and creating serious health risks to humans.

Birds that spend a lot of time around an area are actually committed emotionally to it. How long they have been there and how comfortable they are, will determine how difficult it will be to send them elsewhere.

ISOTECH’s Bird Control Program takes into consideration the bird pressure, property design, health risks due to droppings, cleanup, work stoppages, slip and fall risks along with property and equipment damages prior to designing an effective deterrent or seclusion program.

Once problem areas are identified, the proper bird control equipment will be installed to either target ledges where birds are loafing or net areas where birds are nesting. ISOTECH also has the ability to install laser equipment that will deter birds from entering large open areas.

As with any successful program, ISOTECH will send a Certified Bird Specialist out to inspect your property and prescribe a custom program that will consist of cleaning, and installing the most effective bird control product/products.

Therefore, whether you are having problems with pigeons, starlings, sparrows, crows, crackle, gulls or woodpeckers, with over 300 products to choose from ISOTECH’s professionals can design a Bird Program that will meet your needs.

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Commodity Fumigations

Food manufacturers are under attack every day from all types of pests. However, when it comes to stored product pests, YOU NEED AN EXPERT. ISOTECH’s Stored Pest Service Team is trained to quickly identify and provide a viable solution that targets the pest and eliminates it prior to infecting other products and areas of your facility.

Dried food products and the raw ingredients from which they are made are subject to attack from stored product insects. ISOTECH’s commodity fumigation division will protect your valuable products and raw grains thus eliminating the need of destroying infected product. A result of properly performed commodity fumigation saves product and revenue.

Commodity Fumigations are complicated and require a well-trained professional and a staff of technical specialists who can analyze and prescribe the proper fumigation procedures.

ISOTECH’s Commodity Fumigation Division provides fumigation for:

  • Boxcars and Hopper Cars
  • Storage/Warehousing Facilities
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Shipping Containers
  • Pallet/Pallets of Product
  • Truck Trailers
  • Silo’s

Successful commodity fumigation not only requires an experienced team but a program that includes calculating, dispensing and regulating the proper type and appropriate amount of fumigant.

ISOTECH also offers a Green “Heat Treatment” program that eliminates any use of a fumigant. ISOTECH’s “Heat Treatments” are not as intrusive as gas fumigations and does not require businesses to shut down.

Times are changing…isn’t it time you call ISOTECH Pest Management to ensure you are receiving the highest level of protection from the most committed and educated service specialist in the industry?

We didn’t invent pest management – We just perfected it.™

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Fly Control

Fly-ControlOne sighting of a fly can send a message to your family, friends or patrons that there is a sanitation problem.

Flies are commonly found in large numbers around debris and any moist, decaying matter. Drain flies can plug sewage filter beds and accumulate around sinks and floor drains. Diseases and bacteria are picked up when flies land on garbage, sewage and other sources of waste and then they are transferred to human and animal food.

Female flies deposit their eggs in decaying organic matter such as garbage and human or animal excrement. Each female fly is capable of depositing approximately 100 – 150 whitish eggs, which will hatch within 24 hours into tiny larvae/maggots.

Controlling flies is vital to human health and comfort in and around your home or business. ISOTECH is equipped with the latest advances in fly control equipment and chemical applications and has the knowledge and experience to design a successful elimination program.

Do not let your business or family suffer another day, call ISOTECH and have a fly expert prescribe a strategic plan to solve your fly issues for good!

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Gopher Control

Gopher-ControlWild animals add beauty and excitement to our world and even play an important part in our ecosystem and environment. However, wildlife can become destructive if not controlled. Did you know gophers can damage landscaped areas and they regularly contribute to erosion and slope failures resulting in heavy property loss? Pocket gophers constant burrowing on slopes causing erosion has been a major factor in slope weakening and instability that ultimately lead to slope failure in a number of recent litigation cases in California.

Gophers have also been identified as caring diseases such as: Bubonic Plague, Murine Typhus, Rabies, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and many others.

Pocket gophers, commonly found in California are named for their fur-lined cheek pouches located outside their mouths and are burrowing rodents. They can be difficult to control if not properly treated. Pocket gophers destroy expensive vegetation, underground wiring and can create safety issues due to foot, ankle and leg injuries.

Selection and timing of the proper control methods are the most important factors in controlling gopher populations. ISOTECH has licensed QAL (Qualified Applicator License) technicians educated in strategically designing the most effective program for each location and level of activity they discover.

Gophers can cause serious property damage so call your ISOTECH professional today and have peace-of-mind knowing you are on the road to a realistic solution.

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Landscape Management

Landscape-MgmtWhile enjoying the beauty of exterior landscaping, it can also create pest pathways to a building structure, such as a tree limp to a roofline or ivy growing along a buildings exterior. Additionally, dense exterior landscaping can also create harborage areas for wild animals such as possums, skunks and/or raccoons. Having an understanding of how your exterior landscape can be managed effectively, as a means to reduce your pest control concerns, can be of great use.

ISOTECH is committed to providing you with the most effective Landscape Management Program.Call ISOTECH today for a certified evaluation.

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Odor Control

Odor-ControlA good Odor Control Program is more than simply “masking” the odor that you are trying to control. To eliminate an odor, you must first identify its source. Once the source has been identified, the condition must be eliminated. The next step would be to neutralize the remaining odors. ISOTECH’s Odor Control Program offers a method of molecular entrapment or by an aggressive microbial cleaning program.

ISOTECH is committed to providing you with the most effective Odor Control Program for your home and or business. Call ISOTECH today for a certified evaluation and inspection.

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Rodent Exclusion Program

Rodent-ExclusionAn effective rodent control program is attainable, but it involves more than just trapping. An effective program must also involve an aggressive Rodent Exclusion Program. ISOTECH’s Rodent Exclusion Program consist of a close inspection of a building’s structure, both interior and exterior for any type of gap, hole or structural defect that could allow a rodent’s access to the property along with a detailed strategic plan of placement using custom exclusion products. ISOTECH also offers extended services for rodent exclusion with our Landscape Management Program.

ISOTECH is committed to providing you with the most effective Rodent Exclusion Program for your home and or business. Call ISOTECH today for a certified evaluation and inspection.

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Scanner Program

Scanner-ProgramISOTECH utilizes infrared scanner technology as a means to document and create custom Customer Service Reports. By utilizing the ISOTECH Scanner Program, ISOTECH is able to provide reports that can document the historical and seasonal trends of an account’s pest activity by the type of pest/s and location. This technology provides a reporting structure that verifies that our services are being implemented, that pest findings are being identified, reduced, and ultimately being eliminated. The ISOTECH Scanner program is vital for food (AIB) processing plants and all warehousing facilities.

ISOTECH is committed to providing you with the most effective Scanner Program. Let ISOTECH design a program that meets your facility needs.

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