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 Certified K-9 Inspections


Certified K-9 Inspections

Bed Bugs are quickly becoming one of our Nation’s worst pest problems.ISOTECH PEST MANAGEMENT INC, Canine Team is committed to uphold the highest standards for Entomology Scent Detection Canines.

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For additional information visit our sister site – www.k9bedbughunters.com

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Certified Canines

Our bed bug detection canines can detect bed bugs when humans cannot. Within minutes, you can have verifiable results!

ISOTECH Certified Bed Bug Detection Canines are:
Scientifically Proven, Independently Tested and Nationally Recognized.

ISOTECH’s Bed Bug Detection Canines are rigorously trained and nationally recognized. ISOTECH training facility and procedures are structured to establish and maintain a way of life for our Bed Bug Canines. ISOTECH is dedicated to upholding the highest standards for Entomology Scent Detection Canines.

  • Our Bed Bug Detection Canines are accredited by the University of Florida Entomology Department, which is recognized as the leader in the entomology canine detection field
  • Our Bed Bug Detection Canines train daily, to find only LIVE Bed Bugs and Viable Bed Bug Eggs. This is to ensure maximum detection and alleviate false results
  • ISOTECH uses a minimum of two (2) Bed Bug Detection Canines to verify all positive results
    1. Canines work for 45-60 minutes and then require a 30-minute break. By using two (2) canines we are able to work through breaks
    2. Using two (2) canines allows us to search more rooms with fewer breaks
    3. Canines search rooms from left to right and when a positive result is signaled the second canine is brought in to repeat the process to alleviate a false report
  • ISOTECH maintains its own state of the art research and training facility where canines are closely monitored and tested for accuracy
  • Our Bed Bug Detection Canines are continually re-certified to maintain the highest level of proficiency

ISOTECH’s Bed Bug Detection Canines are friendly, well groomed, and are prepared to travel and stay until a job is complete.

Born: Sept. 2006

Born: July 2001

Born: August 2004


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Accredited Trainers/Handlers


Because Bed Bug inspections can be difficult, even with canines, inspections must be very thorough and Trainers/Handlers must be able to diagnose infestations. ISOTECH has trained a highly specialized team of Canine Bed Bug Handlers and Bed Bug Elimination Experts. Our programs are designed specifically to quickly and efficiently identify and eliminate bed bug infestations.

  • Our Bed Bug Detection Handlers are NESDCA certified and rigorously trained to understand canine behavior
  • Our Trainers/Handlers are sensitive to your discreet needs and operate with the highest professionalism
  • Our Trainers/Handlers are trained, certified and given the knowledge and skills to incorporate a Certified Scent Detection Canine into their daily life
  • Our Trainers/Handlers participate in the ongoing Bed Bug related continuing education, entomology education and re-certification program
  • Our Trainers/Handlers are Branch 2 certified and are trained to efficiently inspect and treat rooms immediately if needed.

ISOTECH understands the psychological toll bed bugs can have on a person. Together, the Bed Bug Detection Canines and Handlers will inspect and provide the best treatment for your situation.

Let ISOTECH give you the night of rest you deserve

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NESDCA was formed by pest control professionals to ensure the high-test standards, are upheld for entomology scent detection canines.

NESDCA is committed to:

  • Uniting and assisting all Entomology Scent Detection Canine Teams in the training and continued improvement of all entomology Scent-Detecting Work Dog Teams, regarding less of whom the team is trained by
  • Improving the image of the Entomology Scent-Detecting Canine Teams
  • Educating Consumers about the benefits of using properly trained Entomology Scent Detecting Dog Teams in the process of locating and eradicating pest problems, by providing educational material through publications, visual aids and training seminars
  • Contributing to and participating in Entomology related research

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