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The Fontana Flyer – ISOTECH Pest Management Inc. – SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR AWARD

RING Container Technologies discussed ISOTECH Pest Management Inc. in “The Fontana Flyer.” Mike Masterson is CEO and co-owner, with his best friend Kevin Alden, of ISOTECH Pest Management Inc. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a degree in hotel and restaurant management, Mike didn’t start out eliminating insects. Rather, he worked […]

Isotech Pest Management Named to INC Magazine Top 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies In U.S.

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of residential and commercial pest control services, has been named to INC. MAGAZINE’s 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. The company’s rapid growth has earned it a spot on the list for the second consecutive year. Under the leadership of Mike Masterson, CEO, and Kevin Alden, President, the company has built a significant foothold along the West coast even in the face of stiff competition from the nation’s largest pest control companies. Since its founding in 2004, Isotech has become a regional leader in the detection and elimination of all pest types, from bed bugs to stink bugs, and from roaches to rats.

Isotech Pest Management Adds New Canine To Bed Bug Detection Team

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. a provider of commercial and residential pest control and extermination services, recently added Dashz, a new canine to the company’s bed bug detection team. Dash has hit the ground running, working on some of the company’s most difficult bed bug detection projects.

Isotech Pest Management Pledges To Detect, Treat and Certify Hotel Rooms Affected By Bed Bugs In 24 Hours Or Less

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of commercial and municipal pest management and extermination services, has challenged the competition by pledging to diagnose, treat and certify hotel rooms affected by bed bugs providing occupancy capability within 24 hours or less. On the heels of the company’s recent milestone achievement of successfully providing treatment and certification for 50,000 rooms, ISOTECH has ramped up its heat treatment offering, even more, for hotels, apartment complexes, university student housing, HOAs and hospitals, Isotech is putting out the word to hotels that the days of losing 3-4 nights of occupancy due to bed bugs are a thing of the past. The company is focused on helping hoteliers return rooms back into service on the same day in most cases. Isotech can return the infested hotel room for available occupancy within just 8 to 20 hours in most cases, helping the hotel avoid losing even a single night of revenue where possible.

Isotech Pest Management CEO Mike Masterson Gives Lowdown on Asian Stink Bugs to NBC News Los Angeles

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of municipal, institutional and commercial pest control and extermination services, recently was sourced by NBC Los Angeles as part if its investigation of a growing number of Asian Stink Bug infestations throughout Southern California. Isotech C.E.O. and “Verminators” star Mike Masterson, was interviewed for the news segment. Masterson talked growing problem, and talked about the possibility of it becoming an epidemic. Video of the segment can be found on the NBC Los Angeles website at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/A-Growing-Stinky-Problem-118685819.html.

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. Awarded Pest Management Contract with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. has been awarded a five-year pest management contract in excess of $5,000,000 by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), the nation’s second largest transit bus fleet, which operates more than 100 million miles annually.

ISOTECH Pest to Appear on Nationally Syndicated “The Dr. Oz Show” Television Program

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of commercial and residential pest control and extermination services, is slated to appear on an upcoming episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” an Emmy Award winning, nationally televised program.

ISOTECH Featured in KTLA Channel 5 Bed Bug Report of Growing Epidemic

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider commercial and residential pest control and extermination services, was featured in a recent KTLA Los Angeles Channel 5 newscast covering the growing bed bug epidemic.

ISOTECH Pest Management Launches New Corporate Website

ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of commercial and residential pest control and extermination services, has launched its all-new corporate website. The launch of the new website is part of a larger push to connect with customers and the general public over pest control needs of all types.

Mike Masterson and the Isotech team want to educate the public

Here’s a fact few members of the general public know: At any given time during the day, you’re never more than 15 feet from some type of insect.


Behind every door, in every wall, just out of sight…the enemies lurk.” This everyday scenario for pest management professionals is something few in the public have seen first-hand, but that is changing thanks to a new reality TV series titled “Verminators,” which began airing last month on the Discovery Channel.

Bird Barrier Featured in Episode of Discovery Channel’s Verminators

A new reality television show, Verminators, will begin airing on Discover Channel Monday, April the 21st. Featuring Mike Masterson and his Elite IsoTech Pest Management Team as they overcome pest management challenges around California.

Bedbugs tuck into Southland

Bed feeling a little crowded? Maybe you have company.

The Cimex lectularius, better known and despised as the common bedbug, is snuggling into households across Southern California, giving people the heebie- jeebies. The blood-sucking, heat-seeking, pint-size parasites aren’t believed by the experts to transmit disease, but they do have a way of cranking up stress levels.

Routine Service Call Turns Into Fantastic PR Opportunity for Isotech

COVINA, Calif. — What started as a routine service stop turned into a fantastic public relations opportunity for Covina, Calif.-based Isotech Pest Management.

They scamper, we stalk

IF you live in the Los Angeles area and are of the genus Rattus and the species rattus or norvegicus, the last person you want nosing around in your habitat is Ray Alegre.

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