Isotech Pest Management CEO Mike Masterson Gives Lowdown on Asian Stink Bugs to NBC News Los Angeles

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ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of municipal, institutional and commercial pest control and extermination services, recently was sourced by NBC Los Angeles as part if its investigation of a growing number of Asian Stink Bug infestations throughout Southern California. Isotech C.E.O. and “Verminators” star Mike Masterson, was interviewed for the news segment. Masterson talked growing problem, and talked about the possibility of it becoming an epidemic. Video of the segment can be found on the NBC Los Angeles website at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/A-Growing-Stinky-Problem-118685819.html

Regarding the NBC news segment, ISOTECH C.E.O. Mike Masterson commented, “We have been exterminating stink bugs for years, and have been tracking and seeing a steady increase in this particular species in recent months.” Masterson continued, “Asian Stink Bugs are adaptable creatures that can live on any number of diets, so they tend to be quite hearty. While they don’t typically carry diseases, they could potentially be an issue for agriculture in the California, so we do need to take them seriously both as a company and as a state.”

With the ability to combine man, animal, science, and technology, ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. offers pest control and extermination services to meet, commercial, institutional and municipal needs. ISOTECH Pest Management Inc. programs exceed all relevant state required health and safety regulations. Through Isotech’s university trained canine divisions inspection program, an infestation can be pinpointed, allowing treatments for both commercial and rental properties, to be focused solely on affected rooms, including bed bug infestations. Treatment services, whether chemical or heat treatment based, now can be completed and certified within 8 – 20 hours. Only Isotech can guaranty a quick certified return of occupancy, with the Seek Heat & Certify™. In addition, Isotech offers a Service Guarantee and Total Satisfaction Guarantee to its customers.

More information about ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. and the company’s SEEK HEAT & CERTIFY™ program, can be found on its corporate website at isotechpest.com or by calling 1.888.392.8443.

Isotech Pest Management CEO Mike Masterson Gives Lowdown on Asian Stink Bugs to NBC News Los Angeles in Los Angeles

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