Isotech Pest Management Pledges To Detect, Treat and Certify Hotel Rooms Affected By Bed Bugs In 24 Hours Or Less

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ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of commercial and municipal pest management and extermination services, has challenged the competition by pledging to diagnose, treat and certify hotel rooms affected by bed bugs providing occupancy capability within 24 hours or less. On the heels of the company’s recent milestone achievement of successfully providing treatment and certification for 50,000 rooms, ISOTECH has ramped up its heat treatment offering, even more, for hotels, apartment complexes, university student housing, HOAs and hospitals, Isotech is putting out the word to hotels that the days of losing 3-4 nights of occupancy due to bed bugs are a thing of the past. The company is focused on helping hoteliers return rooms back into service on the same day in most cases. Isotech can return the infested hotel room for available occupancy within just 8 to 20 hours in most cases, helping the hotel avoid losing even a single night of revenue where possible.

ISOTECH C.E.O. Mike Masterson, who helped build the company from the ground up, with co founder Kevin Alden, talked about the company’s efforts to help hotels avoid losing occupancy and revenues, “In the past, hotels would lose 3-4 nights waiting for treatment and verification after treatment for bed bugs.” Masterson continued, “To us, this simply isn’t acceptable, and we have brought together a team of canines, technicians, heat equipment, and certification specialists to dispel the “industry standard” that bed bugs will cost a hotel three to four nights’ of revenue.”

With the ability to combine man, animal, science, and technology, ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. offers pest control and extermination services to meet, commercial, institutional and municipal needs. ISOTECH Pest Management Inc. programs exceed all relevant state required health and safety regulations. Through Isotech’s university trained canine divisions inspection program, an infestation can be pinpointed, allowing treatments for both commercial and rental properties, to be focused solely on affected rooms. Treatment services now can be completed and certified within 8 – 20 hours. Only Isotech can guaranty a quick certified return of occupancy, with the Seek Heat & Certify™ program.

More information about ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. and the company’s SEEK HEAT & CERTIFY™ program, can be found on its corporate website at isotechpest.com or by calling 1.888.392.8443.

Isotech Pest Management Pledges To Detect, Treat and Certify Hotel Rooms Affected By Bed Bugs In 24 Hours Or Less in Los Angeles

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