ISOTECH Pest Management Launches New Corporate Website

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ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc., a provider of commercial and residential pest control and extermination services, has launched its all-new corporate website. The launch of the new website is part of a larger push to connect with customers and the general public over pest control needs of all types. Along with the debut of the website, the company is opening an ecommerce store where the public can purchase every type of pest control product, from basic home use ant stakes to industrial pest control products.

Regarding the new website, ISOTECH President Kevin Alden said, “We’re proud of our new web presence and know it will help our company connect with our customers, prospects and the general public that has pest control needs.” Alden continued, “We also hope the new website will become a go-to source for pest control products of all types as people look to engage in do it yourself pest control.”

With the ability to combine man, animal, science, and technology, ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. offers pest control and extermination services to meet residential, commercial, and institutional needs. ISOTECH Pest Management Inc. Programs exceed all relevant state required health and safety regulations. Through Isotech’s canine inspection program, infestation can be pinpointed, allowing treatment to be focused solely on affected rooms. Through their heat only treatment program, Isotech can guaranty a quick return of occupancy for both commercial and residential properties. In addition, Isotech offers a Service Guarantee and Total Satisfaction Guarantee to its customers.

More information about ISOTECH Pest Management, Inc. and the company’s SEEK HEAT & CERTIFY™ program, can be found on its corporate website at isotechpest.com or by calling 1.888.392.8443.

ISOTECH Pest Management Launches New Corporate Website in Los Angeles

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