Bird Barrier Featured in Episode of Discovery Channel’s Verminators

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A new reality television show, Verminators, will begin airing on Discover Channel Monday, April the 21st. Featuring Mike Masterson and his Elite IsoTech Pest Management Team as they overcome pest management challenges around California.

In an episode that was taped in late March (and will air later in the season), IsoTech called Bird Barrier in regard to a large church and private school that was well entrenched with a flock of pigeons. Not only is the campus comprised of several historic buildings, but the church has a budget of zero.

“This church had a real problem,” says Masterson. “They could no longer perform wedding ceremonies in their courtyard; and they were spending about 15 hours per week just cleaning up after the pigeons.”

Bird Barrier’s president, Cameron Riddell, got a call from Mike Masterson. “Mike was asking if we’d like to contribute products to help a good cause,” said Riddell. “IsoTech would contribute the manpower if we’d donate the materials. Mike said we might even get on Verminators, he said all the right things, so we decided to go for it.”

Riddell showed up at the church with the materials, and was literally assaulted by a team of camera crews. “This show is going to be top notch,” he said. “They must have had about 20 people out there all day filming the cleanup and the installation of the products. They even asked me questions about what we were doing; it was nerve-wracking to say the least.” Riddell is not used to helping PMPs install projects with video cameras and boom microphones jammed in his face.

The wide variety of architectural configurations demanded a variety of Bird Barrier products. Twenty rolls (1,000 feet) of Bird-Shock Flex-Track were installed on roof peaks and parapet caps; Bird-Flite Spikes were applied to steeples and other smaller sites, and StealthNet was used to exclude birds from a large vent shaft. Additionally they installed Daddi Long Legs on top of chimneys and Polly-Spike in small openings at the front of the school. “Bird Barrier’s products went down so easily, it was really a dream job,” said Masterson. “The camera crews got a total kick out of the pressure washing, and the installation of all the products; I’d bet they filmed more than 40 hours in that one day.”

Bird Barrier Featured in Episode of Discovery Channel’s Verminators in Los Angeles

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