Actual Size: Up to 8.5″

Characteristics: Short stocky body, short tail, yellow beak in spring & summer, speckled in fall.


  • Nests in cavities 10′-25′ above ground
  • Feeds on grains, seeds, insects, and garbage (50% insects in summer)
  • Will forage from dawn until dusk
  • Will generally roost in rural areas in warm months; urban in cold months
  • Roosting sites may be a long ways away from feeding sites, 15-30 miles


Starlings are most known for being loud and boisterous birds that are often found in urban areas. They are also one of the most common birds throughout the nation that nest in large numbers near homes, which is why they can become dangerous for homeowners. These birds vary in color but typically have glossy feathers in shades of blue and other colors. They are known for being great flyers that can fly long distances. When large numbers of starlings congregate near homes, they can become a dangerous and even destructive nuisance.

Starling Habitat

Normally, starlings can be found in open fields, orchards, and farms. However, they can become quite comfortable in urban environments with the amount of food and shelter available to them. Starlings can survive in both hot and cold environments and do not mind being around people. They are very social creatures that tend to travel in large numbers, which is why they can become a huge problem near homes.

The Dangers of Starlings

In addition to being loud when in groups, starlings can cause quite a bit of property damage. In addition to being unsightly, starling droppings can eat away at pavement and asphalt, and dried droppings have been known to cause asthma. Their nesting habits on roofs or even inside of buildings can cause structural damage and create fire hazards as well.

When Birds Become Pests, We Are There

To solve a bird infestation problem – and to permanently prevent the birds’ return – requires an experienced team of bird control professionals. Isotech will send a certified bird specialist out to inspect your property and to prescribe a custom program that consists of cleaning and installing the most effective bird control products.