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The attack starts almost imperceptible, in darkened corners and crawl spaces, but if unchecked can destroy homes and businesses, spread disease and contaminate food and water supplies. All it takes is a hole the size of a quarter to let the invasion begin!


Verminators follows Michael Masterson and his elite team of pest-busters to the front lines of their never-ending battle against infestations of all kinds: Rats, roaches, killer bees, bats, black widow spiders, termites, bedbugs, flies, fleas and fire ants. As they crisscross the Nation, the Verminators track their prey through warehouses, hotels, houses and with the help of remote cameras, inside walls and plumbing systems.

Meet the Verminators

Mike Masterson

Mike Masterson is CEO and co-owner, with his best friend Kevin Alden, of ISOTECH Pest Management Inc. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a degree in hotel and restaurant management, Mike didn’t start out eliminating insects. Rather, he worked as a bodyguard protecting celebrities such as Joan Rivers and Olivia Newton-John.

Once the excitement of protecting celebrities diminished, Mike found a new passion — pest management. For 18 years, Mike worked for a national pest company. During his tenure, Mike’s attention to detail, innovative ideas and entrepreneurial ambitions began to get the best of him. Encouraged by best friend Kevin, Mike and Kevin decided to open ISOTECH and set out to create a new approach to pest management that combines man-animal-science and technology. This formula has revolutionized pest management nationwide.

Very few people in this world actually love what they do for a living. However, after 25 years in the industry, Mike still feels blessed to work with Kevin and the complete ISOTECH team as they take pest control into the 21st century.

Kevin Alden

Kevin Alden became friends with Mike Masterson more than 15 years ago through bible study. Kevin was always impressed with Mike’s knowledge of the pest control industry and his drive to be the best. Kevin and Mike shared the same business philosophy of spoiling the customer at the most cost-effective price and delivering with the most knowledgeable technicians available.

To ensure they could hire the best technicians, they made it a priority to take great care of their employees and create an ambitious training program, knowing that their technicians would then take good care of the customers.

Mike and Kevin hoped that Isotech would fill a void, for both customers and technicians, by providing the personal service they felt customers deserved. They ensure their customers’ businesses and clients are safe from pests and their harmful effects by diagnosing each facility and creating a scientific approach to resolving issues on an ongoing basis.

Erik Alden

Erik Alden is a passionate 28-year-old Southern California native. Despite his young age, Erik has accomplished a lot. After graduating from Cal State University Fullerton with a degree in industrial/organizational psychology, Erik began working at ISOTECH in the marketing department. In the first year, Erik quickly realized his passion for pest control exceeded his behind-the-scenes office position.

Determined to understand all facets of pest control, Erik spent the next year training with many of the top technicians and entomologists in the industry. During training, Erik gained extensive knowledge and experience in the elimination of pests, particularly the detection and elimination of bedbugs. Naturally, when the Canine Bedbug Scent Detection Department was formed, Erik jumped at the opportunity to help build this highly specialized division.

With the help of the expert noses of his canine counterparts, Erik has successfully inspected thousands of hotel rooms, condominiums, dormitories and homes. Driven by his desire to understand the nature, habits and vulnerabilities of bedbugs, Erik has studied with national bedbug research departments and participated in leading university studies.

When Erik isn’t at work, he loves outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking and traveling. Erik is also an avid movie watcher, husband and father.

Joey De La Rosa

Joey De La Rosa has been in the pest control industry for 12 years. He started his career in the industry by accident, when he accepted a job offer from a small mom-and-pop shop that was later bought out by a larger pest control company. Joey and Mike Masterson became friends and eventually Joey agreed to join Isotech. Joey is a proud father of two beautiful boys and has a loving, supportive wife. As a family, they enjoy camping and riding custom-built ATVs.

Gary Munoz

Gary has been in the pest control industry for 10-years, specializing in termites. Gary has ventured into the general pest control area in the last 2.5 years and loves every minute of it. He would never have set foot into the general pest side of the industry if it had not been for Mike Masterson. Mike saw there was more to Gary than just inspecting, treating and repairing wood due to termite damage.

When it comes to pest management Gary likes treating for bed bugs the most. The satisfaction of helping people when they have always thought that the phrase “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” was just myth. When Gary sees what people have gone through, by just accepting that something is biting them, and then Gary comes in solve their problem, it is truly a great feeling. When there are, children involved it almost makes you feel like a Super Hero!

Gary is proud to have been married for 12 years with 2 great sons. When Gary is not working, he enjoys spending weekends at his son’s baseball games.

Jamie Poveda

Jamie Poveda came to the industry after 13 years in the military. During his service, he met a comrade who also owned a pest control company. On his advice, Jamie applied and was hired into a local pest control company.

In 2007, Jamie joined the ISOTECH team. His favorite part of the job is relieving customers of their concerns.

Jamie’s greatest passion outside work is international travel. He’s been to Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East — every continent in the world except Australia, which he hopes to see someday. He also enjoys playing sports, like soccer and baseball, and mountain biking.

Robert “Roman” Roman

Roman grew up in San Jose, Calif. After serving in the military, Roman found himself in Southern California.

Roman was drawn to the pest control industry one day as he watched a technician service a residence with great interest. A few days later, Roman interviewed for a pest control job. He immersed himself into the industry and is now a highly trained technician. When an opportunity to work with the industry’s best technicians at ISOTECH opened up, he jumped onboard.

Roman is engaged and has two beautiful children. His outside interests include soccer, weight training, running, biking and all contact sports.

Sam Torres

Samuel Torres entered the pest control field in 1991 with absolutely no experience. It all started when he answered an ad in the Long Beach Press Telegram that read, “Good pay and benefits, no experience needed.” He thought about it for a minute and said to himself, “Yep, this sounds like the job for me.” After 18 years in the industry, he still finds himself making the same statement, “Yep, this sounds like the job for me.”

Sam joined ISOTECH in August 2005 and is now a supervisor. He aims to open and operate an ISOTECH branch one day and carry on Mike’s vision.

Sam is married and has five children — three boys and two girls between the ages of 2 and 17. His hobbies include paint balling, camping and racing his drag quad (a banshee).

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