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KTLA Burrous Bargains Slug Mug Edition with Mike Masterson.

KTLA Burrous Bargains – Pest proof your home Slug Mug segment. With Mike Masterson from ISOTECH Pest Management Inc.

KTLA Channel 5 News – Got Bugs, Time To Call ISOTECH!

When KTLA Channel 5 News has a bug problem they call ISOTECH Pest Management.

ISOTECH PEST MANAGEMENT employees save baby!

ISOTECH employees, Gus, Clint and Mike assist in saving the life of a young child. Our technicians are in the field everyday and every where.  This time, they were in the right place at the right time.

“VERMINATORS” with Mike Masterson and his team. All new Episodes!

VERMINATORS” with Mike Masterson and his team. Check us out at www.discovery/verminators

KTLA Morning News, Using ISOTECH’s Bed Bug Dogs and Heat Treatment

The use of Bed Bug Dogs and ISOTECH’s heat treatment are proving to be the greenest way to kill bed bugs.

ISOTECH Pest Management, Mike Masterson and his team, take on Bed Bugs in Bakersfield

Isotech Pest Management Bed Bug Team, Erik Alden and Robert Gregorio along with the NESDCA approved dogs, Maddie, Bailey and Zip. Isotech uses the Seek, Heat and Treat method.

ISOTECH’s Canine Team along with the Seek, Heat and Treat method

Bed Bugs! Bed Bug Team Erik Alden and Robert Gregorio along with the NESDCA approved scent detection team, Maddie, Bailey and Zip. Ready to take on any Bed Bug problem!

National Geographic Channel on Bed Bugs

National Geographic Channel offers good information on Bed Bugs. Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite…

World Health News on Bed Bugs

Isotech’s Bed Bug Division, Erik Alden shows Maddie, the beagle, at work. Mike Masterson explains the epidemic and the increase of the Bed Bug during the last five years.

ISOTECH Pest Management, Mike Masterson and Bed Bug Division Manager Erik Alden

ISOTECH Pest Management Bed Bug Division Manager Erik Alden with Maddie, the bed bug sniffing dog meets Mike Masterson to inspect a unit. Tina, a student trying to save money, purchased used furniture only to find out it has bed bugs!

Time Lapse of feeding Bed Bug

ISOTECH Pest Management shows a time lapse feeding Bed Bug. ISOTECH Pest Management Bed Bug Division, uses NESDCA certified BED BUG K9’s, SEEK, HEAT & TREAT method to take on even the worst BED BUG problem.

The ISOTECH Pest Management Show Truck

ARE is building Mike Masterson, CEO and star of “VERMINATORS” a one of a kind truck. Check out Episode 3, featuring the installation of a fiberglass ARE CX Cap.

Isotech Attacks Pest Infestation in Restaurant

Mike Masterson, of Isotech Pest Management, investigates roach infestation at Los Angeles area restaurant.

Isotech Pest Control Stands up to Bed Bugs

ISOTECH Pest Management is on the front lines in the fight against bed bugs. With its bed bug sniffing canines, bed bugs cannot run and cannot hide.

Isotech Destroys Bed Bugs With ThermaPure Heat Treatment

Isotech goes to battle with heat treatment to kill bed bugs.

Isotech Hunts for Bed Bugs

See ISOTECH Pest Management Bed Bug Dog in action at a hotel in Anaheim California.

Isotech Pest Management’s Disgusting Finds

Gross finds.

Pest Information