Preventing Winter Pest Infestations

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Los Angeles may be known for its mild weather year-round, but that doesn’t mean winter pest problems aren’t a problem! Whenever temperatures drop, pests are driven indoors to seek out warmth and shelter. From cockroaches and ants to rodents and bed bugs, pests don’t disappear in the winter months. Just as you would to prevent pests throughout the entire year, the best form of pest control this time of year is exclusion. Keep reading for Isotech’s top tips on preventing winter pest infestations.

Winter Pest Problems in Commercial Buildings

Whether you own a hotel or a food warehouse, pests can be a problem in the winter. Certain insects and pests look to enter properties in search of food and shelter as soon as temperatures drop during the winter months. Some of the most common pest problems faced by commercial buildings in the winter include:

  • Rodents (rats & mice): The house mouse and Norway rat will easily squeeze their way indoors to escape the cold.
  • Bed bugs: Known to withstand extreme temperatures, bed bug infestations are common in the winter months. Infestations in a hotel are a threat year-round.
  • German cockroaches: These common roaches hitchhike inside and can spread quickly throughout properties.

How to Prevent Winter Pests

In order to prevent pests in the winter, it’s important to learn how to protect your property. Especially in commercial buildings and warehouses, pests can cause a lot of damage and destruction. The best way to prevent winter pest infestations is to have your building thoroughly inspected for problems on a regular basis. Some basic ways you and your employees can prevent pests in the winter include having any moisture problems fixed promptly, and always keeping a neat and tidy environment indoors.

Is Pest Control Necessary in the Winter?

Pests are a threat throughout the entire year in Los Angeles, but winter pests can be especially tricky. If you’re a commercial property owner, it’s best to work with a professional exterminator such as Isotech Pest Management to protect your building from all types of pests. To learn about our winter pest control services, give our team a call today!

Preventing Winter Pest Infestations in Los Angeles

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