Preventing Bed Bugs During the Holiday Season

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Bed bug problems are common throughout the entire year, especially in the hotel industry. More people travel during the holidays than any other time of year, raising the risk of bed bug infestations in hotels. If you’ve recently returned from a holiday trip and are planning a vacation away in the new year, you may be wondering how to protect yourself against bed bug problems. The best way to go about preventing bed bugs is to work with an experienced bed bug exterminator such as Isotech Pest Management. Keep reading to learn about preventing bed bugs throughout the winter here in Los Angeles.

Bed Bug Activity in the Winter

Because Los Angeles has such a mild climate, bed bug activity is not severely affected by the seasons. In some parts of the country that experience extremely cold temperatures, bed bugs may go into a state of diapause, in which they can survive for several months without a meal. In our area, bed bugs are perfectly apt to survive throughout the entire year, making hotel bed bug infestations a major threat at any time. This makes it important to invest in regular services to prevent these pests.

Preventing Bed Bugs in Commercial Spaces

If you run a hotel, you know how important preventing bed bugs is. An infestation will not only risk your reputation but the very standing of your business! It’s crucial to work with a professional bed bug exterminator such as Isotech to keep you bed bug-free. Some of the ways we can help you with preventing bed bug infestations include: 

  • Regular inspections from our certified K-9 bed bug detectives.
  • Creating a custom bed bug control plan to protect you year-round.
  • Working with you and your staff to learn about best practices for preventing bed bugs.

Bed Bug Control in Los Angeles

Bed bugs are resilient pests and can be difficult to prevent even if you take all the precautions. If you find yourself with an infestation this time of year, it’s important to call the bed bug exterminators at Isotech Pest Management right away. Our bed bug removal team can effectively control any problems as well as help with preventing bed bug problems in the future.

Preventing Bed Bugs During the Holiday Season in Los Angeles

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