Isotech’s Masterson Enjoying Season Two of ‘Verminators’

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LOS ANGELES — It’s been a whirlwind two years for Mike Masterson, whose company, Isotech Pest Management, Covina, Calif., is the star of the reality TV series “ Verminators” which currently airs on the Discovery Channel.

The program follows Masterson and his team prior to, during and after service calls throughout Southern California. Since the show first aired in 2008 (see related storey) Masterson said he has been pleased with the way Isotech and the pest management industry has been portrayed. And “Verminators” has been good for the pest control industry in other ways – referrals. Throughout the airing of season one of “Verminators,” Masterson said he passed along to other pest control companies 30 to 40 phone calls per week from viewers interested in pest control services.

Masterson said he’s excited about the second season of “Verminators.” He said the producers made two important changes. The first involves showing pest problems more from the customer’s perspective. “You get to see what they are dealing with and how pest problems have caused them to change how they live their lives. And you also see them debate whether or not they want to get pest control (services).”

The other significant change is providing viewers with more entomological and medical descriptions, including discussions about the link between pests and human health. For example, a medical assistant appears in every episode to explain things like the link between cockroach allergens and asthma.

“I think this helps bring the show full circle,” Masterson says. “You’ve got the (Isotech technicians) who I think of as Jacques Cousteau-like because they explore places most people haven’t been before; then you’ve got the fear factor with the customer; and lastly you’ve got the Dr. Phil (the medical assistant) to talk them back down.”

Isotech’s Masterson Enjoying Season Two of ‘Verminators’ in Los Angeles

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