How Worried Should You Be About Murder Hornets?

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Infamously dubbed the “murder hornet”, the Asian giant hornet has made itself known in the past few months. This hornet, Vespa mandarinia, is by far the world’s largest hornet at over two inches long. These murder hornets have certainly struck fear in the hearts of many nationwide, but how worried should you really be? After the first reports of them came from sightings in Vancouver and Washington state several months ago, there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of them. Read on to learn more about these murder hornets.

Giant Asian Hornet Appearance

These hornets are easy to tell apart from other types of hornets. Some of their main characteristics include:

  • Light orange head with an orange, black, and brown striped body.
  • Large, prominent eyes
  • Distinctly sharp mandibles
  • Queens can exceed 2” while workers are 1 ½ – 2” in length,
  • 6 legs and a set of antennae
  • ¼” (6 mm) length stinger

How Dangerous are Murder Hornets?

Asian giant hornets typically do not attack humans unless they are provoked or feel their nest is threatened. A sting from a muder hornet is painful and contains neurotoxins. When multiple stings occur or when the victim is allergic, the neurotoxins can be very dangerous. Multiple stings can lead to organ failure and death.

The main concern about this species being around in the United States is the fact that they are a major predator of the honeybee. They attack honeybee hives, killing adult bees and devouring bee larvae and pupae. A single murder hornet can kill dozens of honeybees in minutes, and a group of 30 hornets can devour a hive of nearly 30,0000 bees in hours. Needless to say, this can severely affect the honeybee population.

Are Murder Hornets in Los Angeles?

As of now, there have been no reports of Asian giant hornets in the Los Angeles Metro Area. The Asian giant hornet is typically found in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. The first reports of them in the United States occurred in December 2019 in Washington. It is currently unknown how these hornets first arrived in North America. Scientists are currently leading the way to find, trap, and eradicate this pest before it spreads.

What to Know About Asian Giant Hornets

These hornets definitely pose a threat to the honeybee population, and in severe cases have caused deaths in people. It’s important to stay away if you believe you’ve spotted one. With any type of stinging insect, it’s important to be careful and contact a licensed pest control professional such as Isotech Pest Management!

How Worried Should You Be About Murder Hornets? in Los Angeles

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