How to Prevent Boxelder Bugs and Stink Bugs

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Anyone living in Los Angeles knows that summertime can bring about all types of pests and insects. But what about in the fall? Two insects in particular are infamous for invading commercial and residential properties when the weather begins to change: boxelder bugs and stink bugs. To prevent an infestation inside your property, it’s crucial to understand the behavior of these pests and learn how to prevent them from making their way indoors. To protect your business from these odorous bugs this fall, read on for some of Isotech’s top tips.

What Attracts Stink Bugs & Boxelder Bugs?

Every fall, it can seem like these bugs appear out of nowhere. True to their name, stink bugs release a foul smell when crushed or threatened. They are known to feed on plants that grow close to buildings, and are also considered to be agricultural pests as well. During the fall, they will begin to seek shelter for the winter, which is when they begin to target buildings of all types.

Boxelder bugs are black beetle-looking insects with characteristic orange or red markings. They are most often seen feeding on maple and boxelder trees, but become more visible in the fall as they seek out a shelter for overwintering. Especially when the weather begins to change, boxelder bugs will search for heat and can often be spotted gathering on sunny sides of buildings.

Getting Rid of Stink Bugs and Boxelder Bugs

Because these two pests are such a nuisance in the fall, it’s important to inspect your property to keep an eye on any growing activity. Some of the ways you can lessen the risk of an infestation inside your business include: 

  • Keep a tidy yard and landscape outside your property. Make sure no excess debris is laying around.
  • Inspect your property for cracks and crevices, and seal up any openings. Ensure all window screens or door screens fit properly.
  • Prevent moisture problems throughout the building by promptly fixing any leaky faucets or broken pipes.

Professional Help for Boxelder Bugs and Stink Bugs

While it can be easy to spot boxelder bugs and stink bugs congregating outside your property, it can be difficult to stop them from getting indoors without professional help. At Isotech Pest Management, we know how pesky these odorous insects can be and know how to keep your commercial business safe from them throughout the fall. Call our team to learn more today!

How to Prevent Boxelder Bugs and Stink Bugs in Los Angeles

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