Benefits of Commercial Disinfection Service in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is still a hot spot for COVID-19, making commercial disinfection services more important than ever. At Isotech Pest Management, we have spent decades working with commercial properties in the metro area to keep buildings safe from pest problems. We are proud to provide disinfecting service to continue our commitment to keeping our customers safe. If you have had a confirmed case of the coronavirus in your building or need to prepare to safely reopen your property, we will work with you to ensure your property is completely safe and disinfected. Our trained technicians are here to share some of the many benefits of our commercial disinfection service.

Does Your Business Need Commercial Disinfecting Service?

Cleaning your property thoroughly is not enough to effectively disinfect them. SARS-CoV-2, the strain causing the current pandemic, can linger on surfaces like stainless steel and plastic for up to three days. This is why a commercial disinfection service is so crucial to protecting your property. Regular cleaning products may not be as effective as our disinfectant, which is registered on List N for products approved for use against COVID-19. This disinfectant is EPA approved and will help bring you peace of mind while opening your property after a confirmed case.

What Safety Measures Are Taken During Our Services?

At Isotech, our technicians are trained and ready to uphold strict safety regulations and procedures during our commercial disinfection service. Some of the safety measures we take during the service include:

  1. Our technicians will wear suitable PPE, including respirators, N95 masks, goggles, coveralls, rubber boots, and more.
  2. Every technician is extensively trained in safety procedures to minimize risks in exposed environments.
  3. During each stage of our disinfection service, a team member will ensure safety procedures are applied and comply with legislative requirements. 

Trusted Disinfecting Service in Los Angeles

Our commercial disinfection service is ideal for any high-traffic business, including rec centers, schools, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and more. We are happy to work with businesses that have had COVID-19 exposure or just want precautionary cleaning measures. Our experts will work with you to customize a disinfection plan suited to your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits of Commercial Disinfection Service in Los Angeles in Los Angeles

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