Are Rats More Aggressive Due to COVID-19?

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Here in Los Angeles, we are used to dealing with rodents this time of year. However, infestations are at their largest numbers right now due to the pandemic. Just as the CDC announced recently, rats and mice are growing more aggressive recently. This is because restaurant closures have diminished the source of food for rats and mice. Due to this, rats and mice have been emboldened to enter commercial properties and residences in search of food. Rodents aren’t just a nuisance, they can be very dangerous as well! This Rodent Awareness Week, the team at Isotech is here to help clear the air about rodents during the pandemic and to provide tips on preventing them. Read on to learn more!

How Dangerous Are Rodents During The Pandemic?

A rodent infestation is always dangerous, but there are reports of rats being more aggressive than ever right now. The good news is that there is no current evidence or research to show that rodents are transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to humans. When it comes to rodents during the pandemic, the main things to worry about is that they are getting more aggressive in nature, can carry other diseases, and could cause property damage.

Restaurant closures have caused an uptick in rodent sightings as rats and mice become more bold in their hunt for resources. This directly correlates to a bigger risk of infestations and rodent-spread issues. While they won’t transmit COVID-19 to you or your employees, rodents still can spread other diseases including hantavirus, salmonellosis, and many more.

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Commercial Property

Rodent exclusion is the best way to ensure you stay safe from rodents. Our top tips to prevent rodents this year include:

  • Securely store all food in metal or glass containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Clean inside the property and around the garden. Less clutter means less places to hide.
  • Put outdoor garbage bags in metal garbage cans with securely fitted lids to stop them feeding from contents.
  • Seal off cracks and crevices around openings. Mice can squeeze inside holes the size of a dime.
  • Inspect your garage, attic, crawlspaces, and vents for potential rodent hiding spots.
  • Get help from a professional rodent exterminator for rodent exclusion and abatement services.

Commercial Rodent Infestations During COVID-19

If you are worried about the rise of rodents during the pandemic, you’re not alone. The rodent control experts at Isotech are committed to keeping you safe from rats, mice, and the dangers they bring. Contact us today to learn more!

Are Rats More Aggressive Due to COVID-19? in Los Angeles

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