Are Pests Triggering Your Springtime Allergies?

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With spring in full bloom, it’s likely you or someone you know is currently suffering through a bad case of springtime allergies! Runny noses, itchy eyes, the symptoms go on and on and it can be hard to get relief. But is it the weather causing your allergies, or something else? A little known fact is that pests like roaches, dust mites, rodents, and more could be behind the allergy symptoms so many people are experiencing this time of year. Here at Isotech Pest Management, we know what a hassle allergies are here in the Los Angeles area. In this blog post, we’re sharing tips that can help keep people from suffering through allergies this year.

What Pests Cause Allergies?

Common household pests have been proven to trigger allergies in people. The main culprit is the cockroach. Roach droppings, saliva, shed skins, and other parts contain allergen proteins that cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma symptoms. This is especially common for children.

In addition, some species of stinging insects (yellow jackets, wasps, fire ants, and more) can cause reactions in people. Symptoms range from itching and hives to shortness of breath in a more severe allergic reaction. Should you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction such as swelling, wheezing, dizziness, or trouble breathing, get medical attention immediately!

How to Prevent Pest and Springtime Allergies

Allergy symptoms can be alleviated by practicing simple pest prevention and treatment measures:

  • Store food in sealed containers and clean kitchens on a daily basis.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly and use a tight-fitting lid.
  • Seal cracks and holes in homes, including entry points for utilities and pipes, screen doors, and windows.
  • Keep your basements and crawl spaces well-ventilated and dry!
  • Wash blankets, rugs, and bedding in hot water or get them dry-cleaned.
  • Vacuum and dust your property frequently.
  • Keep pet food sealed in a tight container and wash food bowls.

Pest Prevention for Allergies

The above tips are certainly helpful in lessening the severity of pest allergens, but pest removal and control is necessary to keep problems from arising in the future. If you find yourself dealing with allergies that may be triggered by pest problems, give your local exterminators at Isotech a call.

Are Pests Triggering Your Springtime Allergies? in Los Angeles

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