8 Spots to Inspect for Rodent Prevention

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When compared to the rest of the country, Los Angeles experiences mild weather during the winter months. However, that doesn’t mean buildings aren’t prone to winter pest problems all the same! In fact, rodent problems are at their highest this time of the year. This is because rats and mice will squeeze their way inside of buildings to escape the dropping temperatures outside. The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to safeguard your building, limiting their chances of getting indoors! Keep reading for expert rodent prevention tips from the team at Isotech.

Are Rats & Mice Active in the Winter?

Many people assume that during the winter, pest problems go away. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with rats and mice. These rodents are active throughout the colder months of the year and are more compelled than ever to make their way indoors for warmth and shelter. Commercial buildings are especially prone to rodent problems this time of year, especially in the food industry.

Once inside, they will nest and spread. In addition to their destructive gnawing and tunneling, rat droppings are capable of spreading disease. Because rodent infestations are so common in the winter, it’s essential to protect your home from them.

Rodent-Free Commercial Buildings in the Winter

Mice are able to squeeze their bodies through a hole the size of a dime, making their chances of getting inside very high if you’re not careful. There are eight spots in particular around your property that are vulnerable to rodent intrusions. In addition to working with a professional pest control company for regular rodent prevention, it’s important to inspect and make necessary repairs in the following areas around your building:

  • Roof
  • Vents
  • Screens
  • Vegetation
  • Gutters
  • Outside
  • Garage
  • Foundation

Keeping Rodents Outside Year-Round

If after reviewing our 8-point checklist, you discover areas of your commercial property needing repair, or more specifically, areas showing definite rodent activity, the experts at Isotech Pest Management are here to help. We specialize in preventing pest problems before they begin, which is why we can help rodent-proof your property for the winter and all year long. As industry leaders in rodent control, we guarantee our rodent removal services.

8 Spots to Inspect for Rodent Prevention in Los Angeles

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