6 Tips to Spider-Proof Your Property

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Spiders are everywhere during the Halloween season, and not just decorative ones! Every fall, more and more spiders invade properties. As many pests do, spiders are driven indoors to escape the dropping temperatures outside. Some are also seeking out a mate. Both reasons lead to the increased number of spiders indoors and while most are harmless, no one wants a spider infestation in their property. In businesses and warehouses alike, an excess of spiders can lead to a ruined reputation or affect business. Keep reading for Isotech’s top spider prevention tips!

6 Ways to Prevent Spiders

Just like with any other type of pest, preventing spiders requires exclusion techniques and routine cleaning. Although most types of spiders are harmless, no property owner wants a ton of spiders running loose. Some of the ways you can stay on top of preventing spiders include:

  1. Inspect your property for entry points. Look for holes, gaps, and crevices that may allow spiders indoors easily.
  2. Keep a clean and tidy facility. Clutter and mess leads to insect problems, which can lead to spider problems!
  3. Inspect boxes or items before bringing them indoors. Spiders are known to hitch a ride indoors in old boxes and furniture.
  4. Keep your landscape well-maintained. An unruly lawn, shrubs, or trees are a haven for spiders looking to build webs.
  5. Set up sticky traps to monitor activity. Traps are not a long-term solution, but can help determine where any spider activity may be present.
  6. Enlist the help of a professional pest control company!

Dangerous Spiders in Southern California

Most spiders inside of properties are totally harmless, but the Los Angeles area has several dangerous species as well. While these species won’t go out of their way to harm you, they are known to be more aggressive and occasionally bite. It’s important to know the identifying characteristics of these spiders:

  • Black widow spider: Jet black in color with a characteristic red hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen.
  • Brown recluse spider: Tan to dark brown spiders that are typically identified by the violin shape on their backs.
  • Wolf spider: Dark brown spiders that can grow to be over an inch and are covered in hair.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

If you’ve done all you can to prevent spiders and are still noticing them invading your business or commercial property, it’s time to call a professional pest control company. The experts at Isotech Pest Management can identify the type(s) of spiders you’re dealing with, where they’re coming from, and how to prevent future ones from getting in.

6 Tips to Spider-Proof Your Property in Los Angeles

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