6 Tips to Keep Rodents Out This Fall

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When the seasons change, all types of pest problems flare up. Here in Los Angeles, the arrival of fall may not be a drastic change in weather, but rodents will nonetheless begin to make preparations for the colder months ahead. Before temperatures drop, rats and mice get indoors to seek out shelter and food. This is why rodent infestations are at their largest in the fall! In addition to being a nuisance, rodents inside your commercial property can be downright dangerous. Here at Isotech, we know how important it is to keep your facility or building safe from rodents. Our team of rats and mice pest control experts are here to share their top tips to keep rodents out this fall.

Fall Rodent Prevention in Los Angeles

To avoid the frustration of rats and mice in your home, it’s important to learn how to keep them out in the first place. Some of our top tips include:

  1. Cover vents. Install mesh screens on your vents. Also consider installing screens on doors and windows.
  2. Use tight lids on trash cans. Rodents love to rummage in the garbage! If possible, keep your trash cans sealed and stored.
  3. Protect eaves. Fix any damaged roofing and use wire mesh to seal gaps in your eaves.
  4. Store food properly. Securely store food in tight-fitting containers with lids.
  5. Seal holes around pipes. Use caulk or wire wool to cover up gaps and openings near pipes and other openings.
  6. Get rodent pest control services. Keeping rats and mice out of commercial settings can be difficult without the expertise of an exterminator.

Dangers of Fall Rodent Infestations

The last thing you want this fall and winter is a rodent problem inside your restaurant, school, office building, or more. Once they get indoors, rats and mice will take shelter in attics, basements, kitchens, and garages. Mice can scale walls, squeeze through tiny openings, jump, and build nests in just about any room you can imagine. A rat or mouse problem often begins when the rodents get in through your chimney, pipes, air vents, and more. In addition to contaminating surfaces and spreading germs, rodents can chew through materials with their ever-growing teeth and cause destruction.

How to Keep Rodents Out Year-Round

A rodent infestation in your commercial property can be a nuisance, but also dangerous. Infestations can cause health risks, destruction, and more, making it important to invest time into proper rodent exclusion and control. As soon as you suspect the signs of rodents inside, call the team at Isotech. Our rodent exterminators can work with you to develop a rodent prevention plan suited to the needs of your property.

6 Tips to Keep Rodents Out This Fall in Los Angeles

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