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Commercial storage warehouses and distribution centers present distinctive challenges for business owners due to the wide variety of insects, animals, and birds that can infest your warehouse facilities. Isotech understands how important it is to make sure our warehousing and distribution clients have the most effective and technically advanced pest programs proactively protecting their facilities. However, food and perishables pose additional complexities when designing a strategic pest management program and that is why Isotech’s trained service specialists are AIB Certified and familiar with all outside auditing requirements.

Preventing Pest Infestations in Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Our strategic “Warehouse Protection Program” follows six mandatory steps ensuring your facility is pest-free:

  1. Customized Service Programs: Communication and physical inspections are the cornerstones of a successful pest program. We communicate with employees in each facility to gain accurate information regarding past pest infestations/sightings and inspect the surrounding areas for additional infestations. Every property inspected is unique and the “One-size fits all” routine is not effective or fair for the facility owner. Location, weather, the condition of the building, and numerous other factors are important in designing a personalized strategic pest elimination program and that is why a “Facility Evaluation” is necessary.
  2. Facility Evaluation: A complete interior and exterior pest/structure assessment are conducted at your facility. Special attention will be given to pest entry points, food sources, water sources, harborage points, products being warehoused, surrounding exterior environment, offices, and employee break areas.
  3. Sanitation: Sanitation is one of the main points in every Integrated Pest Management program. Sanitation has a direct impact on the success of any pest management program and that is why our Isotech Quality Assurance Team will be working directly with your facility management team in overcoming these obstacles.
  4. Pest Identification: A successful pest program is achieved once the targeted pests have been properly identified. Different pests require different types of treatments and depending on the products stored and seasonal invaders, a customized treatment program will be implemented for each infestation.
  5. Reports: Isotech will provide service records each time service is performed, sighting logs, the rate of application records, sanitation reports, trend graphs, MSDS information, QA Reports, all this as part of our program. Reports can help prevent potential health claims and legal/financial problems associated with pest infestation. Reports will be provided for the on-site manager as well as having the ability to access your account online.
  6. IPM – Integrated Pest Management Strategies: Exclusion and other non-chemical treatment procedures should always be used prior to chemical applications. Continuous monitoring and sanitation procedures are critical to the success of any Integrated Pest Management program.

Scanner Program for Warehouse Pest Control

Isotech utilizes infrared scanner technology as a means to document and create custom Customer Service Reports. By utilizing the Isotech Scanner Program, Isotech is able to provide reports that can document the historical and seasonal trends of an account’s past activity by the type of pest(s) and location. This technology provides a reporting structure that verifies that our services are being implemented, that pest findings are being identified, reduced, and ultimately being eliminated. The ISOTECH Scanner program is vital for food (AIB) processing plants and all warehousing facilities.

Isotech is committed to providing you with the most effective Scanner Program. Let Isotech design a program that meets your facility needs.

AIB Certified Pest Inspections: Warehouse Protection Program

Isotech also offers *AIB certification to ensure a superior rating. Isotech will outline a program to help your facility meet required pest control service documentation, sanitation requirements, and provide you with quarterly reports conducted by our QA (Quality Assurance) Team. Protect your reputation and brand with Isotech’s fully integrated “Warehouse Protection Program.”

We didn’t invent pest control, we just perfected it.™

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