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At Isotech, our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs focus on two preventative steps to keep pest infestations from occurring in schools.

  1. Exclusion of pests from the premises
  2. Educating staff on techniques to prevent pest problems before they start

An IPM program begins with an investigation of the current pest situation on the premises and/or facility. The program specifies the appropriate and cost-effective procedures that need to be followed. An additional focus of the program is to involve and train current maintenance employees in IPM procedures so they will understand what we are doing and the goals we are trying to achieve. Also included are regularly scheduled inspections and proactive solutions to present and possible future pest problems. Finally, reviews and modifications needed in IPM programs are done on a semi-annual basis, however, changes, if needed, are done immediately.

Integrated Pest Prevention Program

With great success, Isotech has adapted and incorporated IPM procedures into our own strategically designed Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP) program. As with all our programs, our immediate goal is to assure maximum results and protection where immediate elimination of pests is needed by:

  1. Investigation of Past and Current Pest Problems
  2. Eliminate Current Infestations and Treat Proactively
  3. Track Service Treatments
  4. Review the IPM Program with Management

Thorough Pest Inspections in Schools

By statistically tracking treatments at each school and implementing a proactive program, we will accomplish your goal to have a Proactive IPM program protecting your schools and students. Whatever your pest concerns are, we’re dedicated to providing the kind of quality service that you expect and deserve!

We didn’t invent pest control, we just perfected it.™

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School and University Pest Control in Los Angeles

Serving the Los Angeles Metro Area

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