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Pest related emergencies are quickly becoming a major concern in most Health Care facilities due to the lack of a proactive, aggressive “Strategic Pest Management” program. Health Care facilities are prime targets for pest infestations because pests carry disease, damage facilities, destroy your reputation, and compromise critical sterile environments. Isotech realizes the importance of designing a proactive preventative pest management program that will target pest infestations, sanitation, and housekeeping issues. Isotech, together with your management staff, will review monthly comprehensive inspection reports and together we will build a partnership for protection.

Chemical-Free Pest Control

Pest management programs in health care facilities require a chemical-free approach, technical and educated professionals to implement the program due to the highly sensitive and critical environment found within the healthcare industry. Isotech also realizes your concerns for indoor air quality, reduced chemical exposure, long-term pest solutions, and has the technology, professionals, and experience to make it happen.

Integrate Pest Management (IPM) Approach – Quarterly Pest Inspections

Isotech’s proactive IPM approach for the healthcare industry is designed to:

  • Provide a pest-free environment for facility personnel and their guests
  • Proactively implement monitoring devices and pest exclusion techniques
  • Reduce reactive service calls saving management time and money
  • Create a pest-free environment making your facility more appealing for patients, thus more profitable

We recognize that your pest management needs and concerns are critical and the highly sensitive environments of health care facilities that require special knowledge, expertise, and equipment to effectively apply the treatment. That is why Isotech’s Certified Quality Assurance (QA) Team inspects Healthcare facilities on a quarterly basis. Isotech’s QA Team’s main objective is to ensure your facility is safeguarded from any form of pest attack. You can work in confidence and your patients can heal in comfort knowing your facility is being protected by Isotech.

We didn’t invent pest control, we just perfected it.™

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Healthcare Pest Control in Los Angeles

Serving the Los Angeles Metro Area

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