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Inadequate pest management programs can quickly lead to serious consequences in apartment buildings and multi-unit housing complexes. Unnoticed, pest activity can lead to structural damage and multiple-unit infestations. Isotech understands the consequences of this threat and the financial burden pests can have upon tenants and property owners when problem units are not identified and treated. The best way to keep pests from spreading throughout multi-unit is to prevent them from getting into a single unit in the first place. At Isotech, we believe the key to effective apartment pest control is regular maintenance, inspection, and prevention.

Common Pests in Apartments & Condos

Pests of all types can quickly infest a multi-unit building, including rodents, spiders, flies, and ants. The most common pest problems faced by apartment complexes, however, are cockroaches and bed bugs. Both of these pests are elusive and masters at hiding, which is why a serious problem can go unnoticed for some time.

  • Not only are cockroaches a gross sight to behold—they carry filth and disease everywhere they go.
  • Seeing just one cockroach is a big sign there’s many more, which is why it’s important to focus on the big picture by designing a control strategy that will eliminate cockroaches throughout the building permanently.
  • Bed bugs are quickly becoming one of the most feared insects in the multi-unit housing community.
  • Isotech has developed a non-chemical, non-toxic approach that allows us to eliminate bed bugs by harnessing the power of heat and creating a vortex of air currents to penetrate wall cavities, mattresses, and other hard to reach locations.

The Dangers of Pests in Multi-Unit Housing

Any property manager knows how important it is to keep their tenants happy, and making sure your complex is pest-free plays a huge role in that. With so many residents leaving and returning to the building on a daily basis, it can be extremely easy to introduce pests into the environment. Once one unit is infested, the pests can easily spread unnoticed. In addition to causing tenant complaints, an influx of pests can be dangerous. Many pests, such as rodents and cockroaches, carry a number of diseases with them. The last thing you want is disgruntled tenants, which is why proper pest management for your apartment complex is essential.

Pest Control Program for Property Managers

Treating individual units will do just that: only treat individual units! Whether you live in an apartment complex or are a property manager, it’s important to understand that entire buildings need to be treated for pests, not just single units. Isotech offers a superior solution for the elimination and prevention of pest infestations in multi-unit buildings. Our custom-designed pest management program follows three very important steps:

  1. A complete inspection of the property identifying infested units and pest vulnerable areas
  2. Design a comprehensive treatment program targeting infested units and pest proofing the property
  3. Install monitoring equipment throughout the property that will be inspected on a regular basis to proactively identify new infestations before they spread to other units

Whatever your pest concerns are, we are dedicated to providing the kind of quality service that you expect and deserve — guaranteed!

We didn’t invent pest control, we just perfected it.™

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