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Certified K-9 Bed Bug Inspections

Serving The Los Angeles Metro Area

Bed bugs are quickly becoming one of our nation’s worst pest problems. With international travel on the rise, bed bugs are more common than ever, especially in commercial properties here in the Los Angeles Metro Area. At Isotech Pest Management, we are proud to enlist the help of our canine bed bug detection dogs to sniff out bed bugs in your hotel or other property. Specific breeds of canines contain over 220 million receptors in their noses, which helps them track scents through many different situations while distinguishing between slight differences. You can trust our K-9 bed bug detection services to be extremely accurate in seeking out any bed bug problems in your property.

Certified Canine Bed Bug Detection

Our K9 bed bug detection team is rigorously trained and nationally recognized. Some of the things to know about our certified K-9 bed bug inspections:

  • Our canines are accredited by the University of Florida Entomology Department, which is recognized as the leader in the entomology canine detection field.
  • Our canines train daily, to find only live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. This is to ensure maximum detection and alleviate false results.
  • Isotech uses cutting edge training techniques in this evolving industry to maintain its accuracy ahead of the competition. For example, canines can work effectively and continuously for 2 hours, then they require a 15-minute break. Multiple canine teams are used for larger projects to maintain effectiveness and expedite the search process.
  • We maintain our own state of the art research and training facility where canines are closely monitored for accuracy.
  • Our canine bed bug detection unit is continually re-certified to maintain the highest level of proficiency.

Accredited K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Handlers

Because bed bug inspections can be difficult, even with canines, inspections must be very thorough and trainers/handlers must be able to diagnose infestations. We have trained a highly specialized team of canine bed bug handlers and bed bug exterminators. Our programs are designed specifically to quickly and efficiently identify and eliminate bed bug infestations.

  • All k9 bed bug detection handlers are NESDCA certified and rigorously trained to understand canine behavior
  • Our trainers/handlers are sensitive to your discreet needs and operate with the highest professionalism
  • They are trained, certified and given the knowledge and skills to incorporate a Certified Scent Detection Canine into their daily life
  • Our trainers/handlers are Branch 2 certified and are trained to efficiently inspect and treat rooms immediately if needed

Bed Bug Dog Inspections in Los Angeles

Our team understands the psychological toll bed bugs can have on a person. Together, the canine bed bug detection unit and bed bug extermination experts will inspect and provide the best treatment for your situation. For more information on our certified k-9 bed bug inspection, contact our team today!

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Certified K-9 Bed Bug Inspections in Los Angeles

Serving the Los Angeles Metro Area

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