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When it’s Time to Call an Ant Exterminator

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For some ant infestations, a DIY approach can work. But there are instances where calling a professional is best, either because of the danger the species poses, or the size of the infestation itself. When the stability and safety of your commercial building is at risk, there are three specific times when it’s necessary to call an exterminator.

When the Ants Can Sting

A licensed exterminator should always handle any kind of stinging insect. Fire ants will not hesitate to sting when threatened, especially when their colony is disturbed. If you have a fire ant infestation on your sidewalk or in areas surrounding your property, if someone disturbs their nest, these ants will sting their attacker, injecting venom and continuing to swarm. Fire ants will infest any space they have access to, and it’s incredibly difficult to treat these ants without professional treatments.

When You’re Concerned about Damage to Buildings

Wood-destroying ants (like carpenter ants) don’t eat wood–but they can cause a large amount of damage during an infestation. Carpenter ants like to find existing hollow spaces to develop their nest in, and they will continue to excavate through wooden structures as their colony grows. Carpenter ants can dig their way through an entire building, if left unchecked!

There are two major indications that you’re dealing with wood-destroying ants: small piles of wood-shavings next to walls or window-sills, and flying carpenter ants found indoors during spring. If either of these indications are present, you absolutely have a colony of wood-dwelling ants living inside of your walls.

When Ant Infestations are Continuous

If there have been multiple and separate occurrences of ant infestation, especially of stinging or wood-destroying ants, it’s time to call an exterminator. If you’ve tried DIY treatments, you may have driven them further within the walls or under the foundation!

Once you have an ant problem, it can be really difficult to get rid of ants. Without the proper training and tools, eliminating these pests can feel impossible. Ant issues, no matter how small, can continue to grow if they’re not properly treated. Carpenter ants can cause serious property damage in a matter of months.

Calling a licensed professional is the best way to treat the problem, and they can also give advice on how to prevent ant infestations in the future. ISOTECH Pest Management knows exactly what it takes to eliminate ants from your commercial space–for good! Give us a call today, and let us get rid of your ants!

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When it’s Time to Call an Ant Exterminator in Los Angeles

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