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Tips for Setting a Mousetrap Properly

Whether you own a restaurant or another commercial property, rodent problems are extremely common. Not only are rodent infestations gross, they can also be destructive and dangerous. Mice leave a [...]

8 Spots to Inspect for Rodent Prevention

When compared to the rest of the country, Los Angeles experiences mild weather during the winter months. However, that doesn’t mean buildings aren’t prone to winter pest problems all the same! In [...]

Preventing Winter Pest Infestations

Los Angeles may be known for its mild weather year-round, but that doesn’t mean winter pest problems aren’t a problem! Whenever temperatures drop, pests are driven indoors to seek out warmth and [...]

Pest-Proof Your Christmas Tree in 5 Steps

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for many people that means going out to pick a Christmas tree! Few things evoke the holiday spirit like a fresh Christmas tree, but they can also [...]

Preventing Bed Bugs During the Holiday Season

Bed bug problems are common throughout the entire year, especially in the hotel industry. More people travel during the holidays than any other time of year, raising the risk of bed bug [...]

Preventing Pantry Pests in Commercial Buildings

Pantry pests are a nuisance pest and can cause a lot of trouble when an infestation is inside a warehouse or other commercial facility. Also known as stored product pests, pantry pests include a [...]

October: The Season of Rodents

It’s Rodent Awareness Week, meaning it’s the perfect time to learn how to keep rats and mice out of your property. In addition to causing damage from their gnawing and nesting habits, rodents [...]

6 Tips to Spider-Proof Your Property

Spiders are everywhere during the Halloween season, and not just decorative ones! Every fall, more and more spiders invade properties. As many pests do, spiders are driven indoors to escape the [...]

How to Prevent Boxelder Bugs and Stink Bugs

Anyone living in Los Angeles knows that summertime can bring about all types of pests and insects. But what about in the fall? Two insects in particular are infamous for invading commercial and [...]

Preventing Hostile Yellow Jackets in the Fall

As summer comes to a close, some types of pests become more rampant as they prepare for the colder months ahead. Yellow jackets are one such pest that tends to get more aggressive in the fall, [...]

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