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What to Look for When Hiring a Pest Control Company

If you’re thinking about hiring a new pest control company, how do you know which one to choose? In general, there are several key factors to consider in the decision making process. From its [...]

Is Your Business at Risk For Termites?

Termites are one of Southern California’s worst pest problems. We all know they frequently infest homes, but what about bigger buildings? Unfortunately, no building is safe from the destruction [...]

Preventing Pantry Pests in Commercial Buildings

If you’ve ever opened an old bag of flour to see dozens of minuscule insects, you’ve come face to face with pantry pests. These nuisance pests can cause a lot of trouble when an [...]

Tips to Pest-Proof Your Garage

We all use our garages to store our cars, holiday decorations, gardening tools, and anything else we like to pack away and out of sight. Unfortunately, a garage environment is oftentimes the [...]

Benefits of Commercial Disinfection Service in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is still a hot spot for COVID-19, making commercial disinfection services more important than ever. At Isotech Pest Management, we have spent decades working with commercial [...]

Afraid of Rodents and Bugs? 2021 May Not Be Your Year

Entomologists from Isotech’s parent company, Rentokil Provide their Pest Predictions for 2021 READING, Penn. (Jan. 4, 2021) — As if 2020 didn’t present enough challenges during the [...]

Are Rats More Aggressive Due to COVID-19?

Here in Los Angeles, we are used to dealing with rodents this time of year. However, infestations are at their largest numbers right now due to the pandemic. Just as the CDC announced recently, [...]

Do Termites Infest Properties in the Fall & Winter?

Here in Los Angeles, termites are a year-round pest threat. Due to our mild climate in the fall and winter months, termite colonies remain active and can damage your commercial building all year [...]

6 Tips to Keep Rodents Out This Fall

When the seasons change, all types of pest problems flare up. Here in Los Angeles, the arrival of fall may not be a drastic change in weather, but rodents will nonetheless begin to make [...]

Dangerous Fall Spiders in Los Angeles

Are you noticing more spiders in your home or business lately? You’re not alone! Every year, spiders come out (or in) at full force. Spiders begin to hatch in the springtime and populations are [...]

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