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Gopher Control

Gopher-ControlWild animals add beauty and excitement to our world and even play an important part in our ecosystem and environment. However, wildlife can become destructive if not controlled. Did you know gophers can damage landscaped areas and they regularly contribute to erosion and slope failures resulting in heavy property loss? Pocket gophers constant burrowing on slopes causing erosion has been a major factor in slope weakening and instability that ultimately lead to slope failure in a number of recent litigation cases in California.

Gophers have also been identified as caring diseases such as: Bubonic Plague, Murine Typhus, Rabies, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and many others.

Pocket gophers, commonly found in California are named for their fur-lined cheek pouches located outside their mouths and are burrowing rodents. They can be difficult to control if not properly treated. Pocket gophers destroy expensive vegetation, underground wiring and can create safety issues due to foot, ankle and leg injuries.

Selection and timing of the proper control methods are the most important factors in controlling gopher populations. ISOTECH has licensed QAL (Qualified Applicator License) technicians educated in strategically designing the most effective program for each location and level of activity they discover.

Gophers can cause serious property damage so call your ISOTECH professional today and have peace-of-mind knowing you are on the road to a realistic solution.

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