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Fly Control

Fly-ControlOne sighting of a fly can send a message to your family, friends or patrons that there is a sanitation problem.

Flies are commonly found in large numbers around debris and any moist, decaying matter. Drain flies can plug sewage filter beds and accumulate around sinks and floor drains. Diseases and bacteria are picked up when flies land on garbage, sewage and other sources of waste and then they are transferred to human and animal food.

Female flies deposit their eggs in decaying organic matter such as garbage and human or animal excrement. Each female fly is capable of depositing approximately 100 – 150 whitish eggs, which will hatch within 24 hours into tiny larvae/maggots.

Controlling flies is vital to human health and comfort in and around your home or business. ISOTECH is equipped with the latest advances in fly control equipment and chemical applications and has the knowledge and experience to design a successful elimination program.

Do not let your business or family suffer another day, call ISOTECH and have a fly expert prescribe a strategic plan to solve your fly issues for good!

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